Morning at Pasar Legi Kotagede

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Pasar Legi at Kotagede is a typical of the traditional market in Yogyakarta. When I am in Yogyakarta, I regularly stroll into Pasar Legi.


Formerly known Pasar Sargede, Pasar Legi is supposedly built in the 16th century when Ki Gede Pemanahan cutting down Alas Mentaok, a land awarded by Jaka Tingkir (Sultan Hadiwijaya) for his defeating Arya Penangsang. Interestingly, a story said that before building a residential area or palace, Ki Gede Pemanahan actually built the market, The Pasar Sargede for Mataram’s people.


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Called as Pasar Legi due to the peak is on the day of Legi (Legi is the name of one day in the Javanese calendar). On Legi, the market will be crowded both by the sellers and the buyers. Various types of merchandise, ranging from vegetable, agricultural tools, livestock like chicken, duck, goat, gemstones, various traditional medicinal herbs to furniture can be encountered in the market.


Down the alleys of Pasar Legi, I always amaze with a classical and friendly atmosphere of the market.


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“a mother lulled her baby”


children have a high value in the eye of Indonesian parents.

Indonesian children enjoy a longer period of physical closeness with parents. when they are toddlers, they are often seen in their mother or father’s arm. The parenting practice and attachment experience between children and parents bring a sense of comfort, love and happiness to the children.



“fast asleep


care 001

“a father and daughter posed for a portrait”






a morning at Paotere harbour

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“Paotere in the morning”


I do amaze with Paotere and what people is doing in the old harbour.

I visited the Paotere that morning and I was privileged to be able to talk and involve deeply in daily activities of people from islands and residents of Paotere.


paotere 003

“Filling fresh water into jerry cans and will be brought to islands”


paotere 011

“welders who are scattered in Paotere provide service needed by people from islands” 




“a young people from island around Paotere”




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“an alley in Paotere neigbourhood”


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“pose for a portrait”


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“daily life at Paotere”



“the boats at Paotere”