Grebeg Maulud (1)

Yogyakarta is rich of culture and traditional way. Last Sunday, my family and me went to northern square of Keraton Yogyakarta (alun-alun lor) to view the Grebeg Maulud procession.

The Grebeg Maulud procession is the culmination of Sekaten festival, in wich food offerings in the shape of  mountains symbolizing male and female fertility are brought from the Keraton Yogyakarta to the Mosque Gedhe Kauman.

The Grebeg procession begin at 9 am when twelve Keraton guard units, called 12 bregodo, which is 10 bregodo Lombok Abang soldiers of the Sultan’s Palace and the two soldiers bregodo Pakualaman Plangkir of the Duchy,  each outfitted in special, brightly colored garb (stripped black-and-white jackets or red coats; Napoleonic or stove-pipe hats worn over traditional Javanese headdresses with leather earrings), match out of Keraton armed with lances, bows, arrows, swords and rifles, bearing flags and playing their own fife-and-drum music.

Behind them are the gunungan, mounds of rice cakes, green beans, chili papers, peanuts and eggs arranged in the shape of male lingga and female yoni. At the Mosque Gedhe Kauman, the offerings are blessed with Islamic prayers and then eagerly dismantled by spectators who scramble for bits and pieces of the food, regarded as sacred amulets capable of warding off disaster and illness.



  1. Very nice shot … Saya pernah mengikuti Grebeg Maulud dari awal sampai klimaks dan foto ku ambil dari dalam Kraton 🙂

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