Fortress of Kraton Yogyakarta _1

One gate of Yogyakarta palace’s fortress named Plengkung Nirbaya Gadhing


The fortress that built around the Yogyakarta palace was planned by Yogyakarta king’s Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I who reigned from 1755 to 1792, after seeing the Dutch built Fort Rustenburg, and finalized in 1784.

The length of the Yogyakarta palace fortress is about 5 kilometers. In five places, there are gates as the exit and entry points into the palace. The gates that were built forming arched ceiling, called Plengkung. There are five gates which become the main attractions for tourists. The five Plengkungs have their own names. First, the gate in the Ngasem region, named Jagasura. It is called by the name of the soldier who maintain or pickets there. Second, the gate in the area Tamansari is called Jagabaya, to prevent the coming danger. Third, the gate in the area is called Nirbaya Gadhing. This is based on the name of the soldier on duty at the gate. It means sirnaning bebaya, namely the loss of the danger. Fourth, in the Suryamentaraman region, it is called Madyasura. The fifth Plengkung in the region Yudonegaran, named Tarunasura. It is named after the soldiers that guarding it who were still young and have bravery.


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