photographing children _02

to observe where lighting come from and nature of the lighting is one of the first thing i do when i am shooting children outdoors. When i decide to shoot against the sun, i consider option to use an additional lighting.


Last week when I traveled to Tentena, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, my friend Farel and me went out to villages for taking portraiture of  people within their environment.

We were interested with the burning hays of paddy fields and stopped by.

Children were playing in the fields approached to us and allowed us to take their pictures.

There people said that photographing children is challenging due to children do not like posing for the camera.

Having been learning from experience of taking pictures of children, i believe that to be friendly, do not rush to shoot the camera and do not be another adult who dictate them what to do, be playful and fun to spend time with the children is determining factors when photographing children. Please do not worry that you will loose the moment, since if children feel fun with you, many of great and joyful pictures will be shared between you and the children.




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