Grebeg Maulud procession _7

grebeg14 022 cl


January 114, 2014 people have been congregating in front of Pagelaran Keraton Yogyakarta, filling in Alun-Alun Lor (the north square) and Masjid Agung awaitng for the Grebeg Maulud procession.

At 10 a.m. the Grebeg Maulud procession began when Keraton Yogyakarta  guard units (perajurit Keraton)marched out of the Keraton Yogyakarta, passed through the Siti Hinggil and Pagelaran onto the Alun-Alun Lor, then turned west to enter the Masjid Agung.

The Gunungan, a food offerings in the shape of mountains symbolizing male and female fertility (lingga and yoni), were brought  from the Keraton to the Masjid Agung right behind the Perajurit Keraton’s (Keraton guard units) march.


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