Grebeg Maulud 2015

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Grebeg Maulud is the event of Keraton Yogyakarta to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. In 2015, Grebeg Maulud held on January 3.

People call it Grebeg because in this event the king of Keraton Yogyakarta and the royal family will come out from the Keraton. When they come out, they will be guarded by the  Prajurit Keraton Yogyakarta.  The parade is depicted as the wind which produces the sound of “grebeg…grebeg…” This is why people call it as Grebeg.

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In the process of the Grebeg Maulud, Keraton will present Gunungan as the symbol of gratitude.Gunungan is the present for the people which contains of foods or vegetables. The foods and vegetables are stacked in the shape of mountain (gunung). That is why people call it gunungan.

The gunungans come out from Keraton with the guardian of the Prajurit Keraton (Keraton guards Units) heading to Masjid Agung. In Masjid Agung, the gunungan will be blessed. After the blessing, the prajurit keraton will bring the gunungans to North Square. There are a lot of people is waiting for the gununngan to come. They then swarm the gunungans and try to get the foods or the vegetables from the gunungans . People believe that the foods and the vegetables from the gunungan will bring luck for people who take it.

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