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intersection at pasar Kupang


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Jatinegara in East Jakarta is one of traffic congestion in Jakarta. ln Batavia era, when Indonesia was ruled by Dutch East Indies, people called the Jatinegara as Meester.

The “Meester” comes from schoolteacher Meester Cornelis Senen, an Indonesian Christian from the island of Banda Neira who settled in Batavia. Meester is the Dutch word for teacher and Meester Cornelis left his mark on the area by giving it his name.

The name Mester Cornelis was changed to Jatinegara during the Japanese occupation during World War Two.

Now Jatinegara is one of bussiness area in Jakarta with Mester Market, called Grote Passer in Batavia era, and Jatinegara Rail Station and Kampung Melayu bus terminal as center of attraction.