Bu Haji


people in paotere, traditional harbour in Makkasar city, call her as “Bu Haji”. She opens a small shop beside a cannal in Paotere at which boats from islands around makassar and pangkep anchored.






Playing with light

paotere 401


When i strolled and took pictures at Paotere harbour in Makassar city, some children were interested with the flash I brought and they played, posed with the flash.

“It looks like holding a sun,” they exclaimed with a big smiles in faces.


paotere 404


paotere 400


paotere 405


paotere 407 cl


paotere 406 cl

paotere 409 cl








a morning at Paotere harbour

paotere 004

“Paotere in the morning”


I do amaze with Paotere and what people is doing in the old harbour.

I visited the Paotere that morning and I was privileged to be able to talk and involve deeply in daily activities of people from islands and residents of Paotere.


paotere 003

“Filling fresh water into jerry cans and will be brought to islands”


paotere 011

“welders who are scattered in Paotere provide service needed by people from islands” 




“a young people from island around Paotere”




paotere 009

“an alley in Paotere neigbourhood”


paotere 010

“pose for a portrait”


paotere 005

“daily life at Paotere”



“the boats at Paotere”