for a portrait



Sulkipki is at 1st grade of primary school. Drawing is one of his hobby.

Playing with camera – taking picture and being pictured – is his new interest nowaday.





Playing with light

paotere 401


When i strolled and took pictures at Paotere harbour in Makassar city, some children were interested with the flash I brought and they played, posed with the flash.

“It looks like holding a sun,” they exclaimed with a big smiles in faces.


paotere 404


paotere 400


paotere 405


paotere 407 cl


paotere 406 cl

paotere 409 cl










“a mother lulled her baby”


children have a high value in the eye of Indonesian parents.

Indonesian children enjoy a longer period of physical closeness with parents. when they are toddlers, they are often seen in their mother or father’s arm. The parenting practice and attachment experience between children and parents bring a sense of comfort, love and happiness to the children.



“fast asleep


care 001

“a father and daughter posed for a portrait”






Borobudur at sunrise

borobdr 006

Borobudur temple is one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world. The Borobudur temple is located in Muntilan, Magelang, and is about 42 km from Yogyakarta city.

Founded by a king of the Sailendra dynasty, the Borobudur temple was built to honour the glory of both the Buddha and its founder, a true king Bodhisattva. The name Borobudur is believed to have been derived from the Sanskrit words vihara Buddha uhr, meaning the Buddhist monastery on the hill.  This colossal temple was built between AD 750 and 842: 300 years before Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, 400 years before work had begun on the great European cathedrals.

This sunrise scenery of the Borobudur is seen from Punthuk Setumbu.

borobdr 008 borobdr 014cc

Grebeg Maulud 2015

DSC_8985 copy

Grebeg Maulud is the event of Keraton Yogyakarta to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad. In 2015, Grebeg Maulud held on January 3.

People call it Grebeg because in this event the king of Keraton Yogyakarta and the royal family will come out from the Keraton. When they come out, they will be guarded by the  Prajurit Keraton Yogyakarta.  The parade is depicted as the wind which produces the sound of “grebeg…grebeg…” This is why people call it as Grebeg.

DSC_8868 copy DSC_8814 copy DSC_8853 copy DSC_8878 copy

In the process of the Grebeg Maulud, Keraton will present Gunungan as the symbol of gratitude.Gunungan is the present for the people which contains of foods or vegetables. The foods and vegetables are stacked in the shape of mountain (gunung). That is why people call it gunungan.

The gunungans come out from Keraton with the guardian of the Prajurit Keraton (Keraton guards Units) heading to Masjid Agung. In Masjid Agung, the gunungan will be blessed. After the blessing, the prajurit keraton will bring the gunungans to North Square. There are a lot of people is waiting for the gununngan to come. They then swarm the gunungans and try to get the foods or the vegetables from the gunungans . People believe that the foods and the vegetables from the gunungan will bring luck for people who take it.

DSC_9049 copy DSC_8954 copy DSC_9077 copy DSC_9081 copy DSC_9068 copy

Jakarta’s street _5


Sunda Kelapa harbour.

Sunda Kelapa is the old port of Jakarta which located on the estuarine of Ciliwung river. Sunda Kelapa was the main port of Sunda Kingdom of Pajajaran.  The port is situated in Penjaringan sub-district of North Jakarta, Indonesia. Today the old port only accommodate phinisi, a traditional two masted wooden sailing ship serving inter-island freight service in the archipelago. Although it is now only a minor port, Jakarta had its origins in Sunda Kelapa and it played a significant role in the city’s development.